Spódnica vintage Trussardi Jeans


Biała spódnica vintage marki Trussardi Jeans.
Z tyłu hafty granatowo-złote. Klasyczny retro krój i wygląd.

Materiał: Gruby jeans (100% bawełna)
Stan: Bardzo dobey (jak nowa)

Rozmiar: M/L

Talia: 71 cm
Długość: 56 cm
Szerokość dołu: 92 cm

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Spódnica vintage Trussardi Jeans

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My shop came into being because of love to vintage clothes, especially denim goodies and beautiful shirts and blouses. I was born in the 90s and fashion from that time inspires me constantly.
I always try to find unique and good quality pieces of clothing, while looking for new items which I will set in my shop. That is why here, in SISU Vintage Store, you will find high fashion clothes – next to the ones made by no name brands, but being outstanding and perfect.
I highly value good communication with my customers, so do not hesitate if you have any question or uncertainty. If only I can, I will give you answers and help you.
I hope you will feel good and comfortable here – just as I do.

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